Visa to Sri Lanka

Business visa to Sri Lanka

Business visa to Sri Lanka

This visa is for Canadian citizens who are visiting Sri Lanka for the following purposes:

  • Participate in business meetings and negotiations
  • Conferences, workshops and seminars
  • Short term training programs
  • Participate in art, music and dance events

After your application is approved you will get an entry permit called ETA. It is valid for entry in Sri Lanka for three months. When you arrive in Sri Lanka holding an ETA, you will get a 30 days visa. The visa will be valid for multiple entries during the validity of the visa. That means you can enter Sri Lanka as many times as you wish.

Extend the visa

It is possible to apply for an extension of a business visa. The application should be done while in Sri Lanka and before your current visa has expired. Contact the Department of Immigration and Emigration Head Office in Colombo if you wish to apply for an extension.

When you apply for an extension you need to keep in mind that your passport needs to be valid for at least 2 months after your intended departure from Sri Lanka.

Exceptions from the visa requirement

Citizens from Singapore and the Maldives do not need to apply for a visa (ETA) before arrival to Sri Lanka.

Proof of granted visa

Your entry permit (ETA) is registered electronically via your passport number. After you are granted a visa you can print the confirmation e-mail and bring on your trip.