Visa to Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka ETA

Visa to Sri Lanka

UK citizen that travels to Sri Lanka first need to apply for an entry permit, a so called ETA. As an ETA holder you will get a visa on arrival to Sri Lanka (a stamp in your passport), and allowed entry into Sri Lanka.

Entry permit (ETA) to Sri Lanka

The rule about ETA came into effect on January 1, 2012, and applies to all travellers that visits Sri Lanka temporarily, for any of the following purposes:

Tourism and project related matters:

  • Sightseeing or holiday
  • Visit friends or family
  • Medical treatment and rehabilitation including Ayurveda and yoga
  • Participation in sports events or other cultural activities
  • Visiting project related matters (Business)

An ETA is valid for entry for three months and you can stay in Sri Lanka for 30 days per stay. One ETA is valid for at most two entries.


  • Transiting through Sri Lanka

An ETA for transit is valid for at most 7 days.

Rules for entry in Sri Lanka

Your passport needs to be valid at least 6 more months from day of entry to Sri Lanka. You need to have a confirmed ticket out of Sri Lanka. You need to have enough funds to cover your stay in Sri Lanka.

Extend the visa

An ETA is valid for 30 days stay in Sri Lanka, but you can apply for extension while in Sri Lanka. It can be possible to stay up to 90 days after extension, and 90 more days if extending a second time.


Citizens from Singapore and Maldives are excepted from the ETA rule and can travel to Sri Lanka without ETA.